A milestone in band literature
“a captivating performance....a milestone in the canon of symphonic band literature” [Review of "The Lion Of Panjshir (Symphony No. 2)"]
Washington Post
A keen affinity for orchestration
“colorful percussion writing....Gaines demonstrates a keen affinity for orchestration. Woodwinds and brass are vividly exploited; percussion applied with as much subtlety as power.”
Baltimore Sun
A tremendous piece of work
“I cannot imagine a more powerful mix of words, images, and music....People who know nothing of Massoud or Afghanistan will be stunned by the sheer power of the composition, and people who are familiar with these topics will be reduced to tears....a tremendous piece of work.” [Review of "The Lion of Panjshir (Symphony No. 2)]
Sebastian Junger
A major work which can hold its own
“Gaines has contributed [a] major work which can hold its own against any other modern symphony....”
So brilliant, you feel honored to be able to listen...
“Every once in awhile, an artist comes along that is so brilliant, you feel honored to be able to listen to their music. David Gaines is just that artist. His imaginative orchestral compositions explode with texture and passion....”
<September 2018>

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Gaines: Five Miniatures for Flute and Euphonium
Gaines: Heavy Metal Lullaby
Gaines: Carol Of The Bells (for Leo)
Gaines: Elegy for string orchestra
Gaines: Duo for Flute and Tuba
Gaines: Concertino for Euphonium and Concert Band (1999)
Gaines: The Lion of Panjshir (Symphony No. 2) for Narrator and Symphonic Band
Gaines: Jubilee for Euphonium and Piano
Gaines: Suite Of Changes for Viola and mallet Percussion
Gaines: And dispel the miseries of the world for Baritone Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra

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